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Thus From My Lips, By Yours, My Sin Is Purged

An Experiment In Spectral Deconstruction

Travelin' Fox
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When Our Depravity Meets His Divinity It Creates A Beautiful Collission

God is Incredible.

I look beyond the empty cross

Forgetting what my life has cost

And wipe away the crimson stains

And dull the nails that still remains

More and more I need you now,

I owe you more each passing hour

The battle between grace and pride

I gave up not so long ago

So steal my heart and take the pain

And wash the feet and cleanse my pride

Take the selfish, take the weak,

And all the things I cannot hide

Take the beauty, take my tears

The sin and soaked heart and make it yours

Take my world all apart

Take it now, take it now

And serve the ones that I despise

Speak the words I can't deny

Watch the world I used to love

Fall to dust and thrown away

I look beyond the empty cross

Forgetting what my life has cost

So wipe away the crimson stains

And dull the nails that still remain

So steal my heart and take the pain

Take the selfish, take the weak

And all the things I cannot hide

Take the beauty, take my tears

Take my world apart, take my world apart

I pray, I pray, I pray

Take my world apart

Worlds Apart

Love Is The Movement.

Light Gives Heat.

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I am a Christian,and I love God with all my heart for he is simply amazing.

Jesus Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me And Still Is

I enjoy the life God has given me with a passion.

I like going just about anywhere,as long as I'm with friends.

I plan on attending Southeastenr University for Theology

I have a deep love for airplanes,snow,and hardwood floors

I am obsessive when it comes to he piano and prolly will stop paying attention to you once I start playing...sorry

I Love watching and taking walks in the Rain.

My youth group (The Pipeline) is perhaps the best youth group on the face of the earth.

I like writing/singing songs and hope to go into Christian Music someday.

I love listening to music...its whatever peaks my interest.

I Am A Showbread Dork

Smiley's is the best place on the planet.

I hate fire,I hate sharks,I hate heights,and Marilyn Manson scares the crap outta me even to this day.

Pot Pie will always be the best food around,as will Red Bull always be the best drink around,that and Smileyccino's.

I have the best friend in the world.His name is Nat and he means more to me than any of my best friends have in the past.Hes cool,loyal,a retard at times,but I love Nat just because Ive never had a friend like him...one who actually cares about for who I am no matter what I do.

I can play acoustic guitar,the piano, and the bass. I especially love the piano

I have THE best friends in the world.I challenge anyone out there to find better.



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Some Of My Heroes Include

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[My Music]

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Faith-Josh Dies

Tonight is the last night that I walk alone.

Tonight is the last night I call this place my home.

I have fought many windmills, and chased after wind,

I've clasped my hands around nothing again and again.

We're all just bleeding to death from self inflicted wounds,

We're all obtaining careers to provide our dooms.

Blindfolded and naive,

Lay our tresures in our fireplaces,

Place our children on the traintracks and pull the wool over their faces.

I have made some twine with selfish ambition and thread,

And sewed up my cuts before i'd be dead.

I tied knots with faith in the world and myself,

Living for pleasure and toiling for wealth.

I played outside for years with a butterfly net,

Chasing the wind every day before the sun set.

Then I cried into my pillow and clenched my fists,

And looked for new things to sew up my wrists.

Ignoring the voice that wispered "goodnight sweetheart"

I refuse to admit the stitches are coming apart.

The years all went by and I am alone,

Everything has turned to dust that I call my own.

I can't find something worth anything as far as I can see,

The jars for the wind i've been chasing are empty.

Nothing in this world has lasted or put hope in my heart,

The stitches have unraveled,

And are coming apart.

Just beneath my wrists I watched this scarlet puddle grow,

I can't find anything more that I can use to sew.

At the end of my rope is dangling a noose,

I have tied while living for nothing,

And found nothing of any use.

I am tired of fighting windmills and chasing the wind,

I will not open my hands to find nothing ever again.

Then his voice whispered to me before I closed my eyes,

I have already given you my life, so why is it that you choose to die?"

Then I saw him standing there over me,

I covered my wrists,

Afraid that he would see.

I couldn't look in his eyes and I felt so ashamed,

I tried to hide all the blood colored stains.

And my voice was shaking as I started to cry,

I could feel that soon i was going to die.

I have nothing to fill all the holes in my heart... the stitches have unraveled and are coming apart.

I have chased after wind for a very long time,

Still i have nothing worth saying is mine.

Everything I did was for nothing,

And now I'm bleeding to death.

And when I'll be dead i willl still not have rest"

As the blood ran down like tears in my eyes,

The only thing I have heard that has freedom from lies.

Spilled over his lips onto me,

Pale and broken,

All of the sorrow and all the regret,

The years,

The toil,

And the butterfly nets,

This wasted life and all of this...

This neverending emptiness...

Washed away below my arms in the blood that poured down,

The thread and the stitches fell to the ground.

His words blanketed me as my pain reached it's end,

I've loved you forever, and my love never ends