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Hey Friend!!! (Read)

Oh man.
Last time I updated was Valentines Day...
It's a sad sad day.
But nonetheless I will do what I always do
Fill in as much as my mind can possibly remember.

So obvisiously the most important thing for me
Is that Seabreeze finally got the bowling alley behind astro
For free basically
All we have to do is pay the electric bills every month
But compared to the 4000 (I think it may have actually been more)
we would have to pay every month
That is so much better
For everyone that dosent believe in God doing miracles
Here is living proof
Im so thankful
It's much more spacious.
And the carpet is very very (very) distracting
But I dont think we could be happier
You never know what God has in store

Also concerning the church, I'm going through two different daily bible studies
The man God uses (with Donnie and Wess)(<--cooler)
And 60 days to change your life(with JJ)(<--pretty good)
Aside from my petty petty humor
It's the kind of thing I needed
Especially now that I need to really be that leader
In youth AND in church too
I'm absolutely confident God is already moving in both areas
One of them is that is that He's just put my in charge of worship for Sunday School
So it requires me to really be focused on what I'm doing
And as a result last Sunday just went incredibly well
And I was just...more confident than I've ever been

Also in the last month
I ventured back to Disney.
Nothing special.
Good food. Too much magic.
Overpriced Novelties.
The typical family vacation.
It was nice to see my cousins getting so much bigger.
They've matured alot also since I last saw them.

Also got to hang out with Kenny and Mark a few days ago last week
Went to guitar world in Tampa.
Played some tennis.
Also got to see Ben, Adam and Nick which is great
Because I never talk to those guys anymore.

I might be going up North in early July to visit my family.
To New Jersey (the arm-pit of America)
Or possibly if not to Ecqador.
Its gonna be so awesome either way
But if I do get to go to ecquador
I think it would be a good experience for me.
Just to see something outside of the country.
And work missions in other areas.
If I do it'll totally make up for the fact I cant go to Gulfport
Which I'm bummed about. =(

Going to Southeastern too in a few weeks
With Mark and Kenny.
It'll be good to see what I need to do
And what I'll expect once I get to college.
Speaking of which
Anyone that reads this
Is invited to my graduation.
Talk to me and I'll let you know the details.

I also have alot of work to do on the piano
I have to learn a few pieces to apply to get into piano classes
I may not audition this time
I would hate to have to play an etude on the guitar
So I cant really complain...

I have some friends coming out to youth group from school
Hopefully try to get a new person every week to come
Cause there are a few people I've already talked to about it
And they seem cool with it.
Which is a total blessing.

If I forgot anything
Well your prolly thankful
Because this is going to be a very long entry already
So if you want any other details...
Use your imagination


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