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Everybody Wants To Go Heaven But Nobody Wants To Die

So last weekend at the retreat was great
School been good
Friends are good
Youth is good

And God is good
Just thought Id let you guys know that

For those of you that didnt already hear
The retreat was amazing
God worked in ways unimaginable
Ive been asked to give devotions on a daily basis for this class in my school
Ive been reading the bible
Taking basic O.T.
Doing a few Devo's
I cannot complain at all
And even if I could
All the good outways the bad by far
Im really happy

God continues to amaze me
Even when I get way off track and fall into the deepest pit
he always puts me back on the mountain
And relights a fire deep inside of me
I dont ever want this fire to go out
No matter what the cost
Im willing to give it
I want God to move in me and in others like hes never done before
And I believe he can and will
Hope everyone is doing ok and I hope someone reads this (considering everyone has conformed to myspace [including myself])
And I hope to see everyone soon

A big thank you to Coach Mike
You know what I mean by this
I love you and thank you for understanding
You are def one the biggest blessings in my life
And I thank you esp for everyhting youve done for me
These last few years and esp these few months
Keep strong and the Lord will take make you a great leader in the youth
K stinky
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