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I Flew Too High And Like Icarus I Collide

So I'm thinking Facing The Giants was amazing. Not an exaggeration.
It was more than anything I could have expected.
It made me really think of how things get in our lives.
We have giants standing over our lives all the time looking down at us.
We have Goliaths telling us we can't win.
But like David (ironic) we have our slingshot and if the Lord is our stone
We will kill the enemy and destroy the oppossition.
I went home last night knowing that there was giants in my life getting the best of me.
But last night I got down on my knees and asked God to meet me where I am and give me the strength.
And he did just that.He meets me right where I'm at.
What an awesome God we serve
I would seriously ask for your guys prays right now
As the next few weeks shall be very tough on our family (especially my mom)
No jokes If your going to pray then please do if not then dont
But I really need them right now and in turn I hope I can do the same for you
And who knows maybe then you will do so for another friend and it will be an endless cycle
But right now guys we need to step up to the giants right now if we are to succeed as individuals
And as a church body
We need to put our past behind us and look to what God has in store
We need to stop making excuses
We need to give him E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G
God has so much in store for all of us as friends and as individuals
If we are willing to accept
I know I am
Who's with me?
"I won't give up on the chance for you to blow my mind"

In other news
As previously stated before
My mom will be having her surgery for sure next week
Please be in prayer for her as she is very nervous
I know God will carry her through this without any problems
But I pray for her faith that she'll be strong and make a fast recovery

Also new youth room November 15 =)

Also I'm still looking into the job at Family Christian
I still have to fill out a renewed survey
But every time I go back theyre copier machines are broken
So hopefully they will look upon my little act of perserverance
And grant me a job

Also Jars Of Clay is a very mixed bag
They like to fluxuate from making a good cd to a Mediocre cd
Back to a good one

I'm also driving now (w00t)<--thats a first and last
It's so-so

Kenny likes working
Mike and Jamie like to relax =p
I wish I could see either of those two people (actually it's three)

Thats all
P.S.I know it soooo long but please if you could read my previous entry
Even if you dont comment
I would appreciate if you could read it sometime
Thank you
P.S.S The penguin set as my mood is very cool

Toodles and such
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