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Concerning The Future

So I'll admit yesterday that I was feeling not depressed
But more or less just worried about things that are to come.
Uncertainty and just a fear of not being in control.
I think I was coming to a realization of what I had been scared of for a while now.

But you know.I just really had to take a good look around at all that is around me
I have such a great influence around me
I am at such a good spot right now where I feel like God is using me
And he is revealing things to me that he never has before.
Whether it be personal time
Or even corporate worship
That the God of the universe is jealously in love with me
Although I am nothing but a speck of dirt in his eyes
He strecthes out his hands and mountains break and seas dry at His command
I am studying about how God is transcendant and immanent at the same time
If you were to think about that, there is no such thing other than God that is both so near yet so powerful at the same time
There is nothing
It is impossible
There is nothing that could be so close as in your hands
Yet so expansive so that it could strecth out every part of the universe
Think about it.
It's mind-blowing

I may not know what is to come
And yes I may worry because that is my nature
But I need not have a spirit of fear any longer about anything
Not just about the future,but a comfort in knowing that God has already handled EVERY aspect of my life
Down to the smallest most intricate detail
That he is as close as a wisper yet as breathtaking as a full moon or a sunset or a field of fresh grass.
So I can go into these new situations with that assuredly that God is watching out for me
From all around me AND right beside me.
A Savior and a friend.

I think this also applies to everyone
Because everyone is scared of something
But I say no matter what it is may it be the future
That we break through that realm of fear and enter the throne room of God
Laying our cares and concerns at his feet
And he will provide
Sure it may not be easy at first
It may never ocme easy for all we know
But it is reassuring to know that we have a player on our team
The MVP.

And we will screw it up
And he knows that
And we know that
But no matter what I am concerned or frustrated about
He has already taken care of it before I was even formed
The concept is mind-blowing and humbling at the same time
And for that I have no choice but to offer him my everything
This includes my faults and my joys
The bible never says that we should give just our joys to God
And work out our problems on our own
Part of learning to trust in God wholly is trusting him in our problem area's also
No Matter what
Its what were SUPPOSSED to do
A lesson God is still teaching me each and every day

So no matter where you are at right now
Or no matter how high of a giant you are trying to tackle
He's your rock in the slingshot
And he ready to strike down your enemies
The question is
Will he be your weapon of choice?

What a God we serve indeed
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