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I have this weird feeling.
Its an awkward way to begin but hear me out.
I feel so strange about certain things nowadays.
The summer was really good.
Camp and all but
I feel so weird now that the summer's over.
I'm technically a senior,but I dont feel at all like one at all.
I'm homeschooled now which isn't all that bad but it also isnt pleasent at the same time.
I'm scared of something.
And I dont know what it is.
I think maybe it is the future.
And unawareness.
And letting people down.
Or maybe just the fear of becoming a man
I also feel happy in the new people I've gotten to meet
And miss the people who are gone now
I miss Phillip alot.
I feel like maybe the enemy is attacking
Prolly worse than he ever has before
Not physically
But just emotionally,and spiritually.
It's just like trying to climb a mountain I've never scaled before
Or wanted to scale
It's draining me and I really would ask for some prayer right now.
Because I know thats the only thing that can help
I can't really explain the way I feel.
It's not good or completely bad.
It's a mixed bag.
But I really think this is the turning point.
Where I have to learn to give everything to Him.
Thanks guys for reading my ramble
And for those who are praying for me and everyone else
You are worth more than your weight in gold.
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