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Im Back Be Happy!!!...Be Happy?

I dont think I expected what happened this month to happen
I mean I knew something would happen
But I didnt realize just how much I would learn this month
God has been teaching me so much this month
And it's only continueing
I will admit this month what somewhat of a struggle at times too
But overall I just felt like God moved in me in so many area's
And just helped me to be much more open about things
And thats all I know how to say about it
My journal that I wrote is way too long to post
It's 60 pages front and back
But I think that it really shows what God was doing
And anyone that wants to see it
I'll be happy to share it
But other than that it is just way too long
Read through All of Acts and half of Romans (which I'm continueing still)
Hope to finish reading the New Testament
Which means I will have read the whole Bible in less than a year
Which is always a rather nice accomplishment
God is incredible
Was there any doubt?

Anyways here is just some basic stuff that happened this month
3.)Continueing Bible Study
4.)Tried Wakeboarding and Tubing
5.)Finally got to hang out with Kenny,Mark,Ben,And Adam again
6.)Playing Bass full time for praise band again
7.)^Learned alot on bass, and other instruments

If I think of anything else
It will be posted love's

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