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Next Month

One of the things I'll be absolutely honest with is
The fact that I want to be closer with God
And that I'm really not as close as I want to be
But I really need to take the next step
And I've felt like I've really needed to do this

So after some thought
Ive decided starting July 1st for a month
I wont be using the computer,t.v.,most things electronic
And just escape
And really focus hard on God
And where he wants me to be
And just putting my flesh aside for a month
To be intimate and personal with an ever-present God
Who is close but just waiting for us to break through the realm of flesh
And enter into his courts

I want to learn how to focus on Him
And especially with camp
I think this month will be a great oppurunity for me to grow up
Mentally and spiritually

I'll also be keeping a journal everyday (you know the on paper kind)
Of the things I do during the month (camp,etc.)
And I'll post a huge journal in a month

And if there is anything going on this month
Feel free to call me
And hang out
But I'm trying to avoid the phone as much as possible also
I'm also gonna focus on gaining some more experience on the bass
Learning the notes
And just expanding and growing at the instrument in general

The only thing I ask from you guys
Is that you pray earnestly for me
Because this could be a huge oppurunity for me
And I really just want to focus and learn and gather as much as I can in this next month

Thank you guys so much for understanding
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I really think it's awesome that you're willing to put down basically what society has made part of our lives to just focus and grow in God. I think He will definitely bless you and reveal Himself to you during the next four or five weeksish. But while you're doing this, don't let other things take the place of what you're trying to get rid of temporarily.

Thanks for that awesome phone conversation. I'll call you in a month. Great post, my friend.
way to go.

I'm proud.
That's the j0hnny M I know, setting a goal and seeing it through.

I will pray for you champ.

- Me
So now it's started, the first of July. And you can read this in a month, and know how proud I am of you. You continue to inspire and encourage. Simply amazing. At least the car rides home have nothing electronic going on, or I would really miss them. Peace out, strong guy.