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Its The Principle Its The Issue

Oh how I love good old LJ.
If only everyone else did too
I think some people are posting out of sympathy for yours truly
But anyways here's my week in two shakes of a lambs tail (??)

Let me just start off by saying that I went into VBS not expecting what happened
It ended up being incredible
It was just an all-around good oppurtunity to share with kids
Be around friends and the fact of just knowing that we are investing in these kids lives.
Although we may never see alot of them ever again
We can know that we took a week and invested what we had and planted a seed
Sure the work might have been hard and tiring
But it was all worth it

Monday was VBS and then back to Kaeli's house for a dairy feast and brownie's for Bubba's birthday.Just liek to add that Kaeli Grace made my week this week.She's a babe.While we were there we all got new names?Mine was Steven?
Tuesday was a little more eventful
Started off with VBS (which I would just like to add how cool Chris is for dancing on stage being the only guy all week.My hero)
Then afterwords me n' bubba went up to countryside mall to have a chatting with underoath
BUT so did every other emo kid in a possible hundred mile radius.
It was a big flock of depression
But my pink chicks dig ephessians shirt was the talk of the town
(And yes I did get alot of dirty looks)
Then we drove all the way back down to Chick-Fil-A to see Among the Thirsty
They were an incredible group of guys
Very talented.Very down-to-earth
I should have bought there cd instead of Define The Great Line which I would like to add is super generic.
Wensday was VBS and youth group AND fodolo.
Rica really knows her way around work cause she loved talking about all the stuff on the menu.
Thursday was (take a guess) and then Car Wash.
Then pool with a load of friends
Then decans (<--think thats how its spelled) meeting which consisted of the decans getting drunk and me calling Chrissy carpet hair.Because her hair DOES look like carpet
Friday was...yea then teardown then pool party again
The princess bride is a great movie
Cary Elwes is a babe x2
Mandy Patinkin dosent deserve him
And anchorman is just as stupid as the first time you see it

Failure to Excommunicate is so catchy

Yesterday I took my permit test
I passed the road sign rules perfect
Failed the road rules part by one point twice
Taking it again tuesday
Theyll prolly make me take it at the DMV again

Today is rainy.
But today is also praise band and beach worship
We'll see how that rolls
Prolly gathering moss but maybe smoothly
Im not gonna be a pessimist

I also thought Id share my thoughts on something
Yesterday when I was home I was just thinking about how well my sermon went last week
And then I was thinking about how much of that applied to me right now
Yesterday I realized how dead Ive been acting
We sang a line in church today that says
"If only we could see your love
Your power endless might
Surely we would never ceese to praise"
"I could sing of your love forever"
Are these just words that are uttered
Or have we just grown accustomed to God
When Moses saw Gods back on the mountain Im sure
He never stopped talking about it
When Elisha saw Elija go up in a fiery chariot Im sure he never stopped talking about it
Why should we grow dead
Why should I grow dead or comfortable
When there a whole new world that God is waiting to show all of us
Needless to say I know Im not perfect
But I want to strive to be more like my Savior
And by doing so we will be so renewed and endowed with so many new things
That we would know choice
We could never be bored
He is amazing
Most of us never realize just HOW amazing until were willing to seek that out
And I want to
I want to seek that out
I want God to show that to me

Thanks for reading the whole thing
If you didnt
Well then I cant really say much to you
But I dont blame you
It was alot
Btw who here has ever heard of bass nature camp
Sounds like heaven though

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