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Ive decided
After lots of thinking,reading and praying
Ive decided to scrap almost every song Ive ever written before

Simply put I just didnt feel my heart was into each and every song
And alot of times I just felt like I was just writing a song for the sake of writing
And not for enjoyment or for the meanings
So Ive gotten rid of almost every single song Ive ever written
(Minus About 5)
In plans of starting new all over again

Starting fresh and seaking out God in each and every thing that I write down
And I want them to mean someting to me
And to others
I have an array of things I would have liked to write about
But have ignored up until now

I want something everyone can relate too
And I want them to be real and from the heart
I might start another LJ just for this kinda stuff
I'll let you know

I think that pretty much sums it up

In other news
Desert Rain Band tonight
Currently reading : Luck of the Irish And The Great Potatoe Famine
And according to my drug and alchohol test
If I ever dont want to take a breath or urine test
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Taz will come and arrest me
I better be careful.
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