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Thus From My Lips, By Yours, My Sin Is Purged [entries|friends|calendar]
Travelin' Fox

Thus From My Lips
By Yours

My Sin Is Purged
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Short Entry [12 May 2007|02:00pm]
Pretty Early

Cornerstone today.
Post more when I get back.

Not using whole sentences.
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Happy Easter [08 Apr 2007|05:40pm]
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Happy Easter

We Serve A Risen Savior
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SEU (Basically Gonna Repeat Mark In Most Aspects) [25 Mar 2007|01:07pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

I can't really think of a word other than that to describe Southeastern University.
I cant describe the things I felt there.
The Atmosphere just everything
Was breathtaking and inspiring.

So to begin
I'll start off with the Alabaster Box concert on Wensday.
These guys in general were just awesome guys (and girl)
The fellowship they had with us and the time out they took to talk to us.
They were such cool guys
They knew how to connect with us.
With everyone. And not just our youth group.
Their music was no phenominal
But I truly believe it was something much higher
As JJ said. We felt together. A great sense of togetherness.
Of fellowship and just a youth family in general.

Me and Kenny and Mark left for SEU
As soon as we arrived I could jus ttell this place was different.
The way it looked
And you could just tell the people attending felt the same things.
First off the campus itself is gorgeous
If you havent I suggest you go to their website and look at some of the photo's
It's totally beautiful.
Totaly renevated dorms,activity centers,class-rooms,chapel,tennis courts
I mean this college just had everything together.
The first night we attended chapel.
And it was THE best worship service msuically
I have ever attended.
The donomination is Assemblies of God / Penecostal
And I cant describe to you in words how awesome it was
They had a choir along with the main singer.
Three keyboardists.
An electric guitarists and acoustic guiatrists
Bassist (6-string)
An awesome drummer.
And you just knew God was moving from the time it started till the time it ended.

That night also was the SoFo music festival with
Among the Thirsty,Pemberly,Between the Trees.
Also Providence was there but they didnt perform.
Needless to say it was a great concert.
A really fun,relaxed atmosphere.
The people who we dormed with were cool guys.
I ended up sleeping in Kenny's room with this kid named Jason
Who was such a champ.

I was anxious to see what it like on Friday with the classes
I attended Pastoral Theology II,Hermenuetics,& Revelation.
Pastoral Theology was great because I got to have a discussion in depth about communion
And the idea of a common chalice.
Then Hermenuetics.
Best class there.
It was excellent.
Ask Mark. Or just read his LJ.
Revelation was more just a meet and greet with the professor.
He seemed like such an awesome teacher.

I feel so led to be there
That I know without a shadow of a doubt this place is the right place to be
And that God is gonna provide a way for me to go there.
I felt like that this place was gonna help me in my christian walk
And that the people around would always be there to lift you up.
Pray that God continues to work in my life
And that he'll provide a way for me to attend
And that he continues to give me a growing spirit.

Also Senior Pics.
Church Today.
Pray for all the people on the missions trip.
God is good.
Yes Yes

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Hey Friend!!! (Read) [13 Mar 2007|05:08pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

Oh man.
Last time I updated was Valentines Day...
It's a sad sad day.
But nonetheless I will do what I always do
Fill in as much as my mind can possibly remember.

Very Tediously Long Entry Dont Open Unless You Are Prepared To Read The Entire ThingCollapse )

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I Say To You On This Man-Made Of Holidays... [14 Feb 2007|12:44pm]
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Happy Valentines Day
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John Petrucci Strikes Back [20 Jan 2007|08:29pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

OK random post
For all those who haven't watched G3
I sincerely suggest so
I watched this a while ago but just watched parts of it recently
And it continues to blow my mind (hence the bold font)
John Petrucci, Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani (prolly three of the best guitarists ever)
All in concert in Tokyo of last year
Even if you dont play guitar (or are even remotely interested)
Take a look anyway
And for all those who play guitar
I suggest watching this on your spare time
Be prepared its long though


Oh and btw
Today's my birthday
(I'll post more later)


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Listen To The Man Of God [18 Jan 2007|05:52pm]
[ mood | hallelujah ]

In The Words Of The Apostle Paul Himself (Remixed)Collapse )

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Grace, Lightning Bolts, And The Pursuit Of Happiness [12 Jan 2007|05:09pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Exerpts From Jonathan Edward's Personal NarrativeCollapse )

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Tis' The Season [24 Dec 2006|12:27pm]

Merry Christmas
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Filled With Glee And Whatnot [18 Dec 2006|04:59pm]
Gift's Please

my christmas stockingCollapse )
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God. [14 Dec 2006|07:38pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Looking back on this year has aroused many thoughts in my mind
Of memories of every day things and of things that may never happen again
Things that I take for granted
Looking at my mountaintop high's and valley low's of the year made me ask the question
Did I live this year to it's fullest?
As in did I do everything I could so that if I were to look back I would be happy and comfortable enough to say that I am proud of myself
Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually
And the honest answer is two fold
Of course this year has been chocked full of blessings that I wouldnt trade for anything
Great friends.
Good church.
And just a movement of God
I could honestly say the last two years God has moved in me like he never has before
Like there's a newfound sense of maturity that has started to take root and set in
Its awesome really.
It leaves me thirsty and wanting more.
But then there is also the time where I havent been where I need to be with God
And although it may not be the best thing to look back but instead strive for the prize ahead
It makes me think of the things I've done
The things that noone likes
The things I wish I could have done different
Which also started me on a new train of thought
That my exsistance as a whole is so utterly futile without God
Without him teaching me
Without him directing me
Like a child at birthday party blindfolded
Swinging with all his might trying to hit that pinata
But its not until the mom or dad comes along and breaks it for him or her
And tells the child that they did it does it get done and the blessings of candy come out for every one to enjoy
Like God has been teaching me
You really are nothing without me
And I am inclinded to agree
That I do not ultimately shape my destiny
I just live in it day to day
And it my choice how I choose to live in the short exsistance I have been given
This momentary breathe of air before the awake and realize I'm in forever itself
And that it has not always been perfect
Definately nowhere near close to it this year
I've had my share of hard times this year for sure
But through this there is a sense of peace as it all draws to a close
And an anxiousness to see what lies ahead sets in
I'll be honest the happiest times this year have been when I'm really sold out
Sold out to Christ
Giving him everyday.Hour by hour
And although it is early to be making a New Year's resolution
I felt lead to do this
I felt like this last year I have struggled with apathy
And other things which have made me struggle
But the thing that has ultimately made me struggle is the fact that I havent always talked to God about them
I mean when you have a problem you dont stop talking to your best friend
On the contrary you actually get closer most of the time
And they to you
And that is God essentially
He is our eternal best friend
Our heavenly father
And he longs to be closer to all of us
He to us
And we to him
My resolution this year is simple
Plain and simple
To mature in Him
And make this next year the best year I possibly can for Christ
Because although things are certaintly not going to get easier from here
His love is never going to change
And that is something worth living for
Not just for 2007
But for an eternity
And that not only enriches our lives
It enriches our souls

-Psalm 34

1 I will extol the LORD at all times;
his praise will always be on my lips.
2 My soul will boast in the LORD;
let the afflicted hear and rejoice.

3 Glorify the LORD with me;
let us exalt his name together.

4 I sought the LORD, and he answered me;
he delivered me from all my fears.

5 Those who look to him are radiant;
their faces are never covered with shame.

6 This poor man called, and the LORD heard him;
he saved him out of all his troubles.

7 The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him,
and he delivers them.

8 Taste and see that the LORD is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

9 Fear the LORD, you his saints,
for those who fear him lack nothing.

10 The lions may grow weak and hungry,
but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.

11 Come, my children, listen to me;
I will teach you the fear of the LORD.

12 Whoever of you loves life
and desires to see many good days,

13 keep your tongue from evil
and your lips from speaking lies.

14 Turn from evil and do good;
seek peace and pursue it.

15 The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous
and his ears are attentive to their cry;

16 the face of the LORD is against those who do evil,
to cut off the memory of them from the earth.

17 The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them;
he delivers them from all their troubles.

18 The LORD is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

19 A righteous man may have many troubles,
but the LORD delivers him from them all;

20 he protects all his bones,
not one of them will be broken.

21 Evil will slay the wicked;
the foes of the righteous will be condemned.

22 The LORD redeems his servants;
no one will be condemned who takes refuge in him.

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I Flew Too High And Like Icarus I Collide [06 Oct 2006|04:07pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

So I'm thinking Facing The Giants was amazing. Not an exaggeration.
It was more than anything I could have expected.
It made me really think of how things get in our lives.
We have giants standing over our lives all the time looking down at us.
We have Goliaths telling us we can't win.
But like David (ironic) we have our slingshot and if the Lord is our stone
We will kill the enemy and destroy the oppossition.
I went home last night knowing that there was giants in my life getting the best of me.
But last night I got down on my knees and asked God to meet me where I am and give me the strength.
And he did just that.He meets me right where I'm at.
What an awesome God we serve
I would seriously ask for your guys prays right now
As the next few weeks shall be very tough on our family (especially my mom)
No jokes If your going to pray then please do if not then dont
But I really need them right now and in turn I hope I can do the same for you
And who knows maybe then you will do so for another friend and it will be an endless cycle
But right now guys we need to step up to the giants right now if we are to succeed as individuals
And as a church body
We need to put our past behind us and look to what God has in store
We need to stop making excuses
We need to give him E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G
God has so much in store for all of us as friends and as individuals
If we are willing to accept
I know I am
Who's with me?
"I won't give up on the chance for you to blow my mind"

In other news
As previously stated before
My mom will be having her surgery for sure next week
Please be in prayer for her as she is very nervous
I know God will carry her through this without any problems
But I pray for her faith that she'll be strong and make a fast recovery

Also new youth room November 15 =)

Also I'm still looking into the job at Family Christian
I still have to fill out a renewed survey
But every time I go back theyre copier machines are broken
So hopefully they will look upon my little act of perserverance
And grant me a job

Also Jars Of Clay is a very mixed bag
They like to fluxuate from making a good cd to a Mediocre cd
Back to a good one

I'm also driving now (w00t)<--thats a first and last
It's so-so

Kenny likes working
Mike and Jamie like to relax =p
I wish I could see either of those two people (actually it's three)

Thats all
P.S.I know it soooo long but please if you could read my previous entry
Even if you dont comment
I would appreciate if you could read it sometime
Thank you
P.S.S The penguin set as my mood is very cool

Toodles and such

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Two Plus Two Is? [28 Sep 2006|06:46pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Let's be honest with one another
There has been several times in our lives we have screwed up
Several times we feel immovable and unusable by God
Or anyone for that matter
We have all felt worthless at one time or another
And the sad fact is we have all turned our backs on God and His Word
Thinking we cannot identify
We think that our problems will somehow drown themselves
And that if we just ignor all of our problems
They will somehow fix themselves
Like a broken toy or a scratched disk
They cannot work until they have been fixed and cleaned properly
Which is exactly how we were created
But still we prefer to live idle
Stalling for time. Waiting and hoping God will rear his head
And say here I am
Alright your ok again.Go ahead and live the way you have
But thats not the way it works
One of the reasons we find ourselves so empty
Or at least how I have observed lately
Is that our joy 8/10 of the time isnt permanent joy
We put our joy into circumstances and situations that do nothing for us spiritually
And then we suddenly question why in the world we find ourselves empty and alone.
We find ourselves alone in the dark crying out for something bigger
But feeling no movement.
Is because our joy is not in this world and it shouldnt be
(Now dont take this out of context and think we can never be happy)
Not the case at all.
But as I got to really pondering the fact I found the happiest times of my life are when I choose to follow the creator
And follow His words.A Sunday School answer but a very true Sunday School answer.
Consider Biblical heroes for a second
Alot of times we look in every other natural source of fufillment and pleasure because we do not think we can identify with the Bible
But its funny because if you look at some of the biggest biblical heroes we find that they are indeed human (believe it or not)
None of them were mutated spiritual superheroes with halos hovering above their heads.
Thye were the likes of adultrers,thieves,sluts,and murderers.
They all screwed up and they all came to a point in their lives where they said
God I have nothing left to give.
Are you there?
Am I not worth it?
Will I ever fix myself?
Will I ever amount to anything?
Consider Moses.
He was 80 when God called him to lead his people into the promised land.
Previously a murderer,now a shepherd called to lead a nation.
Consider David.
He committed not only adultry with a married woman, but murder to her husband
But also called a man after God's own heart
Consider Solomon
And this is where I'm really trying to hit here
Is that Solomon had the world at his feet
He had whatever it is that caught his eyes
And in the book of Ecclesiastes we see that Solomon knows how futile everything is
Vanity he says. Everything is vanity.(More than once)
This is a man with riches,servants,women,power,not to mention he was wiser than any man who had previously lived or would have ever lived.
How could he NOT be happy?
Still at the end he came to the conclusion
That everything that is futile on this earth would eventually pass away and that there would never be anything new
He would never find real joy on this earth because he looked everywhere but the source of his happiness
This world is not the provider of true joy for us.
In the words of Rick Warren "This life is just a dress rehersal for the real thing.
I'm only here for a short amount of time but I'll be spending trillions of years in eternity."
An incomprehensible amount of time in eternity
We're only here to prove to God that we want to spend our real "entire lives" with Him
And to bring as many people as possible.
And you could put out every excuse in the book (look at Moses)
But God dosent take excuses
Because he knows that no matter what you say
No matter what you have done or participated in in the past
That you are totally usuable.
Not only are you usable but also the fact that you will not find true happiness unless you are truly serving him.
So heres what I'm trying to get at
We all screw up
I have plenty of times
And I will screw up again and again
I will ignor Him
I will betray Him
I will dishonor Him
And we are never proud of those mistakes
But God forgives us.He wipes our slate clean whether we choose to believe it or not
He always watching out for us
Through thick or thin
Through hell itself he's holding our hands
And even if we tell Him no
He will still love us
He will still forgive us when we need to be forgiven
And he will still use us regardless
Everyone has a task they are called to fufilled
And if you havent experienced it yet or think that your not good enough
Your dead wrong
And God dosent need a huge person to do his task
All he needs is a willing heart
So chin up.
Know your joy is not in this world and that there is a light at the end of your darkness if your willing to seek it.
Know you are usable and that He is waiting to wrap his arms around you
No matter how bad you have screwed up
And believe me we've all screwed up
But God uses the week to fell the strong (David)
He takes the ugliest most violent things
And makes them timid beautiful creatures
And he brings triumphs to the downtrodden

What does it mean to truly, honestly surrender to God? And how do you die to yourself daily?

For a while I couldnt answer but now I can honestly say
That it only comes by realizing our own inadequacy to sustain ourselves on our own.
In anything.That we could not sustain ourselves on our own
And by being ready and expectant and excited to be used by Him.

For the Lord has wiped your past away and made your heart as white as snow
Forever and ever
End of story
And at the end of our story we can look forward to true eternal happiness
In the eyes of the Lord

(P.S. If I were you I'd pick up a copy of the book
"The Losers Club" for a more indept look at some of these Bible characters)

Beautiful and Broken

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[24 Aug 2006|05:41pm]
I'm so satisfied
At the thought of You
Growing up in me
Covering everything
My happiness is found in less
Of me and more of You
My happiness is found in less
Of me and more of You
I have found the answer is
To love You and be loved by You alone
You crucify me and the world to me
And I will only boast in You
.Punch Me?.

Concerning The Future [10 Aug 2006|08:14pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

So I'll admit yesterday that I was feeling not depressed
But more or less just worried about things that are to come.
Uncertainty and just a fear of not being in control.
I think I was coming to a realization of what I had been scared of for a while now.

But you know.I just really had to take a good look around at all that is around me
I have such a great influence around me
I am at such a good spot right now where I feel like God is using me
And he is revealing things to me that he never has before.
Whether it be personal time
Or even corporate worship
That the God of the universe is jealously in love with me
Although I am nothing but a speck of dirt in his eyes
He strecthes out his hands and mountains break and seas dry at His command
I am studying about how God is transcendant and immanent at the same time
If you were to think about that, there is no such thing other than God that is both so near yet so powerful at the same time
There is nothing
It is impossible
There is nothing that could be so close as in your hands
Yet so expansive so that it could strecth out every part of the universe
Think about it.
It's mind-blowing

I may not know what is to come
And yes I may worry because that is my nature
But I need not have a spirit of fear any longer about anything
Not just about the future,but a comfort in knowing that God has already handled EVERY aspect of my life
Down to the smallest most intricate detail
That he is as close as a wisper yet as breathtaking as a full moon or a sunset or a field of fresh grass.
So I can go into these new situations with that assuredly that God is watching out for me
From all around me AND right beside me.
A Savior and a friend.

I think this also applies to everyone
Because everyone is scared of something
But I say no matter what it is may it be the future
That we break through that realm of fear and enter the throne room of God
Laying our cares and concerns at his feet
And he will provide
Sure it may not be easy at first
It may never ocme easy for all we know
But it is reassuring to know that we have a player on our team
The MVP.

And we will screw it up
And he knows that
And we know that
But no matter what I am concerned or frustrated about
He has already taken care of it before I was even formed
The concept is mind-blowing and humbling at the same time
And for that I have no choice but to offer him my everything
This includes my faults and my joys
The bible never says that we should give just our joys to God
And work out our problems on our own
Part of learning to trust in God wholly is trusting him in our problem area's also
No Matter what
Its what were SUPPOSSED to do
A lesson God is still teaching me each and every day

So no matter where you are at right now
Or no matter how high of a giant you are trying to tackle
He's your rock in the slingshot
And he ready to strike down your enemies
The question is
Will he be your weapon of choice?

What a God we serve indeed

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[09 Aug 2006|12:55pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I have this weird feeling.
Its an awkward way to begin but hear me out.
I feel so strange about certain things nowadays.
The summer was really good.
Camp and all but
I feel so weird now that the summer's over.
I'm technically a senior,but I dont feel at all like one at all.
I'm homeschooled now which isn't all that bad but it also isnt pleasent at the same time.
I'm scared of something.
And I dont know what it is.
I think maybe it is the future.
And unawareness.
And letting people down.
Or maybe just the fear of becoming a man
I also feel happy in the new people I've gotten to meet
And miss the people who are gone now
I miss Phillip alot.
I feel like maybe the enemy is attacking
Prolly worse than he ever has before
Not physically
But just emotionally,and spiritually.
It's just like trying to climb a mountain I've never scaled before
Or wanted to scale
It's draining me and I really would ask for some prayer right now.
Because I know thats the only thing that can help
I can't really explain the way I feel.
It's not good or completely bad.
It's a mixed bag.
But I really think this is the turning point.
Where I have to learn to give everything to Him.
Thanks guys for reading my ramble
And for those who are praying for me and everyone else
You are worth more than your weight in gold.

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Im Back Be Happy!!!...Be Happy? [01 Aug 2006|06:18pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I dont think I expected what happened this month to happen
I mean I knew something would happen
But I didnt realize just how much I would learn this month
God has been teaching me so much this month
And it's only continueing
I will admit this month what somewhat of a struggle at times too
But overall I just felt like God moved in me in so many area's
And just helped me to be much more open about things
And thats all I know how to say about it
My journal that I wrote is way too long to post
It's 60 pages front and back
But I think that it really shows what God was doing
And anyone that wants to see it
I'll be happy to share it
But other than that it is just way too long
Read through All of Acts and half of Romans (which I'm continueing still)
Hope to finish reading the New Testament
Which means I will have read the whole Bible in less than a year
Which is always a rather nice accomplishment
God is incredible
Was there any doubt?

Anyways here is just some basic stuff that happened this month
3.)Continueing Bible Study
4.)Tried Wakeboarding and Tubing
5.)Finally got to hang out with Kenny,Mark,Ben,And Adam again
6.)Playing Bass full time for praise band again
7.)^Learned alot on bass, and other instruments

If I think of anything else
It will be posted love's


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Next Month [29 Jun 2006|08:48pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

One of the things I'll be absolutely honest with is
The fact that I want to be closer with God
And that I'm really not as close as I want to be
But I really need to take the next step
And I've felt like I've really needed to do this

So after some thought
Ive decided starting July 1st for a month
I wont be using the computer,t.v.,most things electronic
And just escape
And really focus hard on God
And where he wants me to be
And just putting my flesh aside for a month
To be intimate and personal with an ever-present God
Who is close but just waiting for us to break through the realm of flesh
And enter into his courts

I want to learn how to focus on Him
And especially with camp
I think this month will be a great oppurunity for me to grow up
Mentally and spiritually

I'll also be keeping a journal everyday (you know the on paper kind)
Of the things I do during the month (camp,etc.)
And I'll post a huge journal in a month

And if there is anything going on this month
Feel free to call me
And hang out
But I'm trying to avoid the phone as much as possible also
I'm also gonna focus on gaining some more experience on the bass
Learning the notes
And just expanding and growing at the instrument in general

The only thing I ask from you guys
Is that you pray earnestly for me
Because this could be a huge oppurunity for me
And I really just want to focus and learn and gather as much as I can in this next month

Thank you guys so much for understanding

4 .Black Eyes. .Punch Me?.

Its The Principle Its The Issue [25 Jun 2006|01:43pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Oh how I love good old LJ.
If only everyone else did too
I think some people are posting out of sympathy for yours truly
But anyways here's my week in two shakes of a lambs tail (??)

Let me just start off by saying that I went into VBS not expecting what happened
It ended up being incredible
It was just an all-around good oppurtunity to share with kids
Be around friends and the fact of just knowing that we are investing in these kids lives.
Although we may never see alot of them ever again
We can know that we took a week and invested what we had and planted a seed
Sure the work might have been hard and tiring
But it was all worth it

Monday was VBS and then back to Kaeli's house for a dairy feast and brownie's for Bubba's birthday.Just liek to add that Kaeli Grace made my week this week.She's a babe.While we were there we all got new names?Mine was Steven?
Tuesday was a little more eventful
Started off with VBS (which I would just like to add how cool Chris is for dancing on stage being the only guy all week.My hero)
Then afterwords me n' bubba went up to countryside mall to have a chatting with underoath
BUT so did every other emo kid in a possible hundred mile radius.
It was a big flock of depression
But my pink chicks dig ephessians shirt was the talk of the town
(And yes I did get alot of dirty looks)
Then we drove all the way back down to Chick-Fil-A to see Among the Thirsty
They were an incredible group of guys
Very talented.Very down-to-earth
I should have bought there cd instead of Define The Great Line which I would like to add is super generic.
Wensday was VBS and youth group AND fodolo.
Rica really knows her way around work cause she loved talking about all the stuff on the menu.
Thursday was (take a guess) and then Car Wash.
Then pool with a load of friends
Then decans (<--think thats how its spelled) meeting which consisted of the decans getting drunk and me calling Chrissy carpet hair.Because her hair DOES look like carpet
Friday was...yea then teardown then pool party again
The princess bride is a great movie
Cary Elwes is a babe x2
Mandy Patinkin dosent deserve him
And anchorman is just as stupid as the first time you see it

Failure to Excommunicate is so catchy

Yesterday I took my permit test
I passed the road sign rules perfect
Failed the road rules part by one point twice
Taking it again tuesday
Theyll prolly make me take it at the DMV again

Today is rainy.
But today is also praise band and beach worship
We'll see how that rolls
Prolly gathering moss but maybe smoothly
Im not gonna be a pessimist

I also thought Id share my thoughts on something
Yesterday when I was home I was just thinking about how well my sermon went last week
And then I was thinking about how much of that applied to me right now
Yesterday I realized how dead Ive been acting
We sang a line in church today that says
"If only we could see your love
Your power endless might
Surely we would never ceese to praise"
"I could sing of your love forever"
Are these just words that are uttered
Or have we just grown accustomed to God
When Moses saw Gods back on the mountain Im sure
He never stopped talking about it
When Elisha saw Elija go up in a fiery chariot Im sure he never stopped talking about it
Why should we grow dead
Why should I grow dead or comfortable
When there a whole new world that God is waiting to show all of us
Needless to say I know Im not perfect
But I want to strive to be more like my Savior
And by doing so we will be so renewed and endowed with so many new things
That we would know choice
We could never be bored
He is amazing
Most of us never realize just HOW amazing until were willing to seek that out
And I want to
I want to seek that out
I want God to show that to me

Thanks for reading the whole thing
If you didnt
Well then I cant really say much to you
But I dont blame you
It was alot
Btw who here has ever heard of bass nature camp
Sounds like heaven though


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Descision [11 Jun 2006|12:14pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Ive decided
After lots of thinking,reading and praying
Ive decided to scrap almost every song Ive ever written before

Simply put I just didnt feel my heart was into each and every song
And alot of times I just felt like I was just writing a song for the sake of writing
And not for enjoyment or for the meanings
So Ive gotten rid of almost every single song Ive ever written
(Minus About 5)
In plans of starting new all over again

Starting fresh and seaking out God in each and every thing that I write down
And I want them to mean someting to me
And to others
I have an array of things I would have liked to write about
But have ignored up until now

I want something everyone can relate too
And I want them to be real and from the heart
I might start another LJ just for this kinda stuff
I'll let you know

I think that pretty much sums it up

In other news
Desert Rain Band tonight
Currently reading : Luck of the Irish And The Great Potatoe Famine
And according to my drug and alchohol test
If I ever dont want to take a breath or urine test
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Taz will come and arrest me
I better be careful.

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Freedom - Shawn McDonald [18 May 2006|07:17pm]
[ mood | full ]

“It is better to live naked in truth than clothed in fantasy.” These words slipped from the lips of a little old man so frail he looked as if he was going to fall over while getting on stage. He overflowed with deep passion and experience. His very presence consumed me and drew me to a place that I had not been in quite some time. It is a place that at one point in my life I would have said I was very close to and yet for whatever reason, I sat there that day… in remembrance. I had to wonder how I got there. How had I gotten so far from where I had once been?

I used to long for truth. I would spend hours of my days reading and in prayer. I was somewhat of a hermit crab, never really venturing outside my shell. Not that this was entirely healthy - I don’t think anyone should lock themselves away from reality. People out of touch I think find it hard to relate to others. What I am trying to say is, when it got down to it, I was there in that place for one reason alone: I wanted freedom! Freedom from a life governed by the wants of my flesh…freedom from the opinions of others...of a life free of all the stuff that had held me captive. The Scriptures clearly state that if we know the Truth that the Truth shall make us free. I wanted truth so bad in my younger years that I would have done just about anything to find it. I would have done anything to be free.

Now as I sit here and get real with myself, I am seeing that this isn’t who I am anymore. Somehow I have settled for something less. Somewhere I have settled for something that makes me feel good but doesn’t give me anything more but a false look at who I really am. Somehow I have become alright with my mere glimpses of God, said “I have seen enough”, told myself there’s no need to see any more. I have become the one thing that I always hoped I never would be: “Complacent”… just alright with how things are, no reason to my day…but hey, why should I care when I have so many distractions to make me feel good?

The world is so great at this illusion. Everywhere we turn there is some advertisement or person telling us that if we live this certain way of life then everything will be good. If you just owned this new, top of line, cutting edge, nobody-has-it-but-you, do-dad, then everything would just fall in to place bringing you to a place of completion…. That is, until we come out with version 3.896…so on and so on and so on…

“It is better to live naked in truth then clothed in fantasy.” Those words hit me like a ton of bricks. Wow, such a deep revelation that so goes against our everyday modern culture. We live in a time where it seems that everything is about self-medication and hiding from the reality of your life. You hurt? Well, here …take this, it might not fix the problem but hey at least you won’t have to think about it anymore. The saddest part of it all is that we are alright with this type of living. In fact, we probably buy into it just like everyone else. I know that I have. Not only does this take our pain but it takes our joy as well…that is, our true joy…numbing our very beings; making our feeling disappear. Making it, I believe harder and harder to truly be who I believe we were created to be. I don’t believe that being naked is such a bad thing. In fact, I truly think God knew what he was doing when setting it up this way. Hard times bring forth character. Not that I invite such things but I when go through them I know this now “that it is better to be naked in truth than clothed in fantasy.”

(Thats honestly how I have felt the last few months
And that little journal entry hit me hard
I have become comfortable with God and as a result
I am not where I should be
I feel like I am putting priority into things that make me feel good
But not an everlasting good
A temporary good
I am praying for strength
And looking forward to getting back where Im suppossed to be
Where God wants me and no where else
And thats honestly how I feel
I want to be broken and not comfortable
I want to live free instead of bonded to the things of this world
And I want to see the face of love
No I want to yearn for that
And breath for that
And its always compelling that I know right where to find him
And thats gives me joy everlasting
To look forward to the future and not be discouraged anymore
Because he knows right where Ill end up.)

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[27 Feb 2006|07:31pm]
LUKE 18:1 Then Jesus told his disciples a parable
to show them that they should always pray and not give up.

PSALM 31:22 In my alarm I said, "I am cut off from your sight!" Yet you heard my
cry for mercy when I called to you for help.

PSALM 42:5 Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your
hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior

PSALM 13:5 But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your

PSA 9:9 The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of

10:17 You hear, O LORD, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them,
and you listen to their cry,

18 defending the fatherless and the oppressed, in order that man, who is
of the earth, may terrify no more

For those who feel depressed,hurt,abondoned and alone right now,and when you think noone hears you.The Lord hears your every cry and he loves you.Just thought you'd like to know.
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Everybody Wants To Go Heaven But Nobody Wants To Die [01 Feb 2006|04:52pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So last weekend at the retreat was great
School been good
Friends are good
Youth is good

And God is good
Just thought Id let you guys know that

For those of you that didnt already hear
The retreat was amazing
God worked in ways unimaginable
Ive been asked to give devotions on a daily basis for this class in my school
Ive been reading the bible
Taking basic O.T.
Doing a few Devo's
I cannot complain at all
And even if I could
All the good outways the bad by far
Im really happy

God continues to amaze me
Even when I get way off track and fall into the deepest pit
he always puts me back on the mountain
And relights a fire deep inside of me
I dont ever want this fire to go out
No matter what the cost
Im willing to give it
I want God to move in me and in others like hes never done before
And I believe he can and will
Hope everyone is doing ok and I hope someone reads this (considering everyone has conformed to myspace [including myself])
And I hope to see everyone soon

A big thank you to Coach Mike
You know what I mean by this
I love you and thank you for understanding
You are def one the biggest blessings in my life
And I thank you esp for everyhting youve done for me
These last few years and esp these few months
Keep strong and the Lord will take make you a great leader in the youth
K stinky

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[24 Jan 2006|07:35pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Lately more than ever Ive been thinking that
Jesus Christ,my Lord and Savior,is breathtaking to put it simply
Just thought Id let you guys know

Since Ive made more of an effort to start talking to God more
Start doing devotionals,and taking Basic O.T.
I just get enough of Him
I love being in His Word and I simply just love knowing I can talk to him whenever

What a friend I have in Jesus indeed =)

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[13 Jan 2006|12:21pm]
R.I.P Mrs Tina Simms

An Awesome Teacher,A Loving Mother,And An Incredible Inspiration
Your Memory Lives On In All Of Us
.Punch Me?.

[25 Dec 2005|02:46pm]
To look back and think that
This baby would one day save me
In the hope that what You did
That you were born so I might live
To look back and think that
This baby would one day save me

And I, I celebrate the day
That You were born to die
So I could one day pray for You to save my life

Merry Christmas
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[21 Nov 2005|06:51pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I learned a few things this weekend
(For those of you that didnt know I went on a cruise)
Views from the top of a moving cruise ship is very beautiful
Fancy Dinners tastes better when theyre free
Coco Cay has the bluest water Ive ever seen
Nasua has the most rasta than anywhere on the planet
Stawberry Bisque is delicious
And that when Im gone for 3 days I miss my friends

Pics I TookCollapse )

(BTW Kenny you win BTA is better than the Showdown.)


Poor ShowbreadCollapse )

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Please Read [15 Nov 2005|05:29pm]
[ mood | sad and frusterated ]

Dear Lord,

Today I pledge my whole-hearted faith and trust to you alone.
All my dreams,wants,aspirations,insecurities,
I lay them simply in your hands and trust you with full confidence that this world will not bind me.
As darkness spreads its lonely wings over a battered society
I pray you would sheild me from my earthly desires
And anything that wouldnt bring me to a better understanding of your love towards me.
And I thank you for that love without an expense
And although right now I feel hurt and abandoned
I can say without a shadow of a doubt
You give my life all the meaning it never deserved
You put me on a pedistool
And watch me fail
Watch me love,laugh,cry,you look on in admiration and concern
And in love you proclaim,
"My Child,Thats my child.
I've loved you with an everlasting will and hope that can never be parralled
It is something to the extents that you have never felt before
And I promise to never let you down
Because I am right here with you
I am your best friend
I am the comfort on a restless night,
I am the wind blowing calmy after a blustery autumn evening
But most of all I AM YOUR FATHER.
I gave you everything I had
The greatest sacrifice I oculd give
So that you would never haft to feel alone again.
I saw every spot of blood stain the dusty roads he walked
Felt every drop of sweat fall from his tired body
And I saw the cross he hung on."
So today Lord,
I pledge to do my best to serve and adorn you,
For you are the only thing in exsistance ever worth a voice of praise
And as you bring me comfort and relief
I know deep down these feeling os mortal distress and worthlessness shall pass away
But you Oh Lord
Will never pass
Lord I do not want to hurt anymore
I do nto want to bleed anymore
And though I do not possess the knowledge to know what tomorrow shall bring
I know that I will do my best to take up the cross you carried a millenia ago
And carry it with me across the hills and plains of my mortal life
Into the deepest trenches
The darkest of all valleys
The highest of all mountains
And your hands they take mine and you assure me
"Your never alone
I will love you until eternity and beyond
Literrally to the bitter end"
Lord I know I am weak
But I also kow you are strong
Amd I know that we are strong together.
So Lord
Most of all I thank you for who you are
And you continue to be today.
For never changing me and for giving me everything I never deserved.
I love you more than anything
And I thank you for making it mutual

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How Many Ways Could I Say I Care [01 Nov 2005|05:45pm]
[ mood | content ]

I have to make an apology to EVERY single one of my friends
I have let you guys down fearfully
It sickens me how depressed I always am
Literrally sickens me
I claim to be a christian
A child of the Son of the living God
And I hardly act like it
I thought about that last and it just broke me
Esp. after JJ and me had talked about it
I needed to ask God for help
Instead of tryin to fit into some stupid scene
Which I admit I was tryin to pull off
It dosent make sense to me
How utterly stupid I was acting
I mean it felt like for a while in my life lately
God hasnt even exsisted in there whatsoever
I would literally crawl into bed and feel so empty and guilty
I knew things werent right
Instead I denied God's calling
And it left me feeling sad and alone
Scenes come and pass
But God and his everlasting love and grace is eternal
So why should I get depressed for no reason
And complain and mumble
Dosent God tell us not to be that way?
And honestly
I was only tryin to fit it because thats what people would place me in
Tell me I was emo and I would just go along with it
And it made me feel like I was a part of something
But it only made me depressed and pitiful
In my friends site
And in God site most importantly
Like I said scenes come and pass
But I would rather be a part of somethin phenomenal
And something which I know I can put full convidence into
And not only be loved but complete
And feel as such
So forgive me for acting so foolishly
For continueing to care even after the rambling went on and on
And for lettin you guys down
Because I know my attitude has let alot of people down
Including myself
I will not be a part of a temporary scene
I will not allow myself to be a part of something so foolish and sinful
So hear I lay in Jesus's hands
Where I belong
And its funny how last night was the first night in a while
I actually slept good all night =)

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Tonight Is The Last Night I Walk Alone... [26 Aug 2005|05:20pm]
[ mood | frusterated yet comforted ]

FaithCollapse )

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[23 Aug 2005|06:55pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Exactly One Year Ago My Grandfather:

Richard Paylo died from Lung Cancer
And has been missed greatly since then
No words could describe what he meant to me
And words cannot describe
How happy I am that you are in a better place

Richard Palo

May God Bless your soul forever more
I miss you buddy
You were truly one of a kind
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My Avid Hate For David Crowder Comes To A Head [01 Aug 2005|06:55pm]
[ mood | amused/speechless 0.o ]


Can Anyone explain to me the twisted mind of Mr. David Crowder
Ionno...I'm pretty speechless right now

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[11 Jun 2005|06:41pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

John Scogen of "The Chariot" wrote this.

"youth is wasted on our young"

It is this that I have feared the most, that has came to pass.
I was told something the other day that burned inside my bones. Someone said this phrase, "The youth is wasted on our young." At first I was outraged. I wanted to fight back and defend my generation. I wanted to prove how ignorant that statement was. But before the words could escape my lips, I was tormented with how true that statement is. For those who do not understand: what that means is this.... Youth: meaning the point of our lives when we are the most energetic and the most healthy and the most full of passion, is being wasted on our young people, meaning you and me. Our generation. I could not sleep that night because of how disgusted I was. Not, just because somone said it, but mainly because I could not prove it wrong. The statement, unfortunately, is true for the most part. Here we are, with the most energy that we will ever have and absolute health and few to no bills to pay, and what does the average young person do with all of that................sits around and watches tv, or plays on some technological waste of time, or worse yet, they waste all of that energy and zeal on drugs or alcohol, Items that were created for no other reason than to alter your state of mind. Why would anyone want their state of mind to be altered? What has happened to our world that would make someone want to alter his or her existance while we are at our prime age in life and prime strength. To complete the meaning of this old familier phrase it is also stating that adults; like people that are old and older, could better use this "youthfullness" because they have lived long enough to realize that we are all going to die someday, and as a matter of fact, that someday, is soon, and these elders are saying that they would actually do something useful with this, "youthfullness." So we ask ourselves, "Why would they use it so much more passionately and with so much more greatfulness than us young folks?" Well that is easy, because through thier years on this earth they have come to learn that most everything is trivial. And life, as far as on this earth, is short. So they are saying that if they had it to do over they would use thier energy to the fullest extent and there passions would be spent on items that actually mattered and there lives would be much fuller and richer lives. What they are also saying is that, they too, have wasted there youthfullness. Because, they are saying that only now, have they realized that life is so short and most of it is wasted on trivial things or technological advances that do nothing but keep us lazy and dependent on the technology itself. So I say," no!" I am not going to be a part of that stupid phrase. I am still young. I still have energy and passions and zeal and I still have my life. I will not sit back and watch it all go while I stare at a box with moving pixels. I will not be another wasted youth and grow up only to realize that I should have followed my dreams more or always asking, "what if this or what if that." I will not. Isn't that why we are here on earth, to learn from other people's mistakes so that as each generation grows we grow wiser and wiser still. What happened to that? Where are the people who actually care anymore? Is there anyone that cares enough to actually try to be different? Does anyone actually NOT want to be exacly like everyone else? I know that it is easy to just copycat every other person in the world. But isn't there anybody who cares? Am I the only one who cares? Am I the only one that sees this downward spiral going on? I think not. I think that there are many more people that have thought about such things. But I also think far too many people just give up............ on thier dreams.................. on thier goals............on thier life. I know way too many people who have not seen the ocean. Do not die having never seen the ocean. Do not wait until you are stuck in the cycle of life and work and sleep, to realize that maybe you should have gone to see the ocean, or any other form of God's amazing works. Don't exit this earth asking, "what if this dream could have came true." You don't ever have to think, 'what if I would have only done ___________?" You never have to think that because we still have today. We have right now. Turn dreams into goals and get them accomplished. Or at least try. I apologize for the length of this passage, but I can not get that out of my head. I want to also apologize to my wife and my band because they had to hear me go on about this topic for hours. I love you all. And I want to leave you with this, so that maybe it will click and it will change your life as much as it has changed mine.

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[28 Apr 2005|06:59pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Last night was Awesome...
I Mean theres no other way too put it

Its funny how Satan can try to put circumstances in front of you to try and blind you from worship
But last night God's prescence moved like never before

Even if you werent into the service in general...
You couldnt leave without denying that Gods prescence had been and that he changed lives

He moved upon my heart too...
And I feel awesome,
Its an indescribable feeling

I mean when all these circumstances are put on God where theyre supposed to be in the first place...
You cant deny that we were defiantly Created to Worship

God is my mighty fortrus and on him will I stand...
Nothing will break me down
Not now...not ever

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Good Friday [25 Mar 2005|02:13pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Just a man, like you and me.
When he hung on the dogwood tree.
Feelings of pain, I know he felt.
When a blow from that spear was dealt.
Beaten and thirsty, hanging there.
The angry crowd did not care.
Gall and vinegar they gave him to drink.
Son of God he had no link.
Dressed in purple, crowned with thorns.
Was the raiment he was adorned.
Crucify him shouts were heard.
He let them, willingly, without a word.
"Greater love hath no man than this"
Words were said for men amiss.
He could have brought them to their knees.
But he knew life's sacrifice was the key.
He looked ahead into time.
Right down into this heart of mine.
He saw promise in my life.
That's why he gave up, without strife.
On the third day he rose again.
Eager to fulfill his Father's plan.
How much he loves us, we fail to see.
He stretched his arms out, and died for me.

Would you take the place of this man
Would you take the nails from his hands......

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I'm copying JJ [21 Dec 2004|08:08pm]
[ mood | amused and stupid ]

Yes I'm going to make my top ten list of best youth group monets ever, i have to look back far to do this so some of you might not member this, but alot of you long time members will

10.80's Night, and JJ as John Travolta, also Mark Jean Peirre breakdancing to Love Liberty Disco
9.Rock the Universe 2003 and 04, but mostly 03 (you ppl that were there after rtu at the hotel will agree)
8.Winterjam (AA just blew relient k away lol)
7.After Carroling Last Year, the party at mr murry and mrs debbys house...really good times
6.Panic Throttle at first Friday
5.The Video of Ben and Keny Breakdanceing, also when they challenged Mark and danced to Let's Get This Party started
4.The Body Shop (Need I say more)
3.Singing Light the Fire at youth, which was soem of the best worship ever, and also if you've ever heard me and kenny's "remix" you'd no why
2.The Whole Fishbowl in general, although the body shop is nice, alot of us have so many memories, and alot of us got saved/ resaved there
1.Camp, words can't describe the camp experience, we laughed we cried, we made new friends, we became the body of christ...and we also hurt some ankles but hey no biggie....lol anyways those are my to p10 pick so comment and tell me whatcha guys think

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[22 Nov 2004|05:43pm]
[ mood | blank ]

What can I say
That you've never heard
What can I offer you
Where can I go
That you've never been
That you won't lead me through
Take my words, hear my cry
Only you can satisfy

Fall down on me
Drop me to my knees
Pour over me
Deeper than the sea
Rain on me
With love until I drown
I need you to fall down

If I had one place
Just one place to be
I'd be at your feet
If I had one prayer
I know what I'd pray
I'd ask you to fall down on me
Take my prayer, hear my cry
Only you can satisfy


Take my prayer, hear my cry
Only you can satisfy

Fall down on me
Drop me to my knees
Pour over me
Deeper than the sea
Rain on me
With love until I drown
I need you to fall down on me
Drop me to my knees
Pour over me
Deeper than the sea
Rain on me
With love until I drown
I need you to fall down

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[26 Sep 2004|10:37am]
[ mood | sad ]

one night a man had a dream.He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.For each scene,he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand; one belonged to him, and the other to the LORD.

When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed thatit happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life.

This really bothered him and he questioned the LORD about it, LORD you said that once I decided to follow you, you'd walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only one set of footsteps. I dont understand why when i need you most you would leave me.

the LORD replied, My precious, precious child,I love you and I would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you only see one set of footprints, it was then i carried you.

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Mini devotional [12 Aug 2004|03:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]

make me, take me, break me, I am pierced
make me, take me, break me, I am pierced

though I am wounded and unworthy
though I am selfish and untrue
You are holy, You're the healer
You forgave me and made me new
made me new

oh, this love, how can it be
that my God would die for me
for my sins, His wounds did bleed
Jesus, you were pierced for me

this song made me think of the way our walk and relationship should be with Jesus. When we give our lives to him were not just sayin okay lord i accepted you so i can go to heaven now. We as christians should say lord make take me and break me....mold me into what u want me to be so that everything we do is lead by God.

Also it says though i am wounded and unworthy, selfish and untrue, although we are so unworthy to even ask God for anything to even come into his presence. you are holy, you're the healer you forgave me and made me new. It just blows my mind though i am such an awfu lperson and a sinner all i have to do is come to God and ask him for forgives of my sins and he lifts me up and makes me new again physically,mentally and spiritually.

finally the last verse oh this love how can it be,that my God would die for me, for my sins,hiswounds did bleed Jesus, you were peirced for me. The first time I heard this song i made me want to cry because i thought of how unworthy we are, and how the almighty creator of the universe, the Alpha nd Omega, the beginning and the end, came to this earth and hung on a piece of wood. scarred, half dead, naked, he hung there and took all the sins of the world, my sins, and have God turn his back on him. All to many times we take for granted that story cuz we hear it so many times. I know I have but just think now we dont hae to burn in hell becuase of wat he did. Its the best thing anyone could ever do for u and we take it for granted. Think about it would you wanna hang ther like that.

So all in all, wat we say and do should praise God, we should ask him to take every aspect of our lives and mold it into the christian God wants us to be.

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